Václav Votruba

Kniha kovu - part 1

No. of pages: 285 * Format: paperback * MetalGate 2016


Part 1 - black metal
History / Bands / People / Timeline

Part 2 - death metal
History / Bands / People / Timeline

Part 3 - thrash metal
History / Bands / People / Timeline

"Venca created a piece that I consider important not only for those, who were born later and who thus have the opportunity to find out what bands were active here back then, and if interested, keep researching them, as sometimes even the allmighty internet falls short. As well as for those, who still remember that time, since for them, the book is a great source fo reminiscences that cannot be found elsewhere. I do not know when Venca plans to publish the second part, but I am "ordering" it now."
Hard Music Base

Available in CZ only


Cygnus Oddyssey

Total time: 45:41 * Style: dark progressive experimental * MetalGate 2016


The Final Destiny (prelude) / The Generation Ship / Event Horizon / Te Kore / Data Breed (interlude) / Singularity (absolute word explanation) / Laval Formation / Dark Matter

"You cannot select any of standard genres, something like Cygnus on heavy scene you will just not meet. The project giving unheard musical enjoyment, universe filled with unusual whirlwind."
Spark magazine

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Six Degrees Of Separation


Total time: 50:53 * Style: metal-soul * MetalGate 2016


Self-aware and Stubborn / Eager / Fury / Compassion / Tragedian / Regret / Resigned / Identity Crisis / Escapist / Pathetic

"On "Simple", SDOS continue the path they set upon years ago; compared to the last album, they simplified their production a bit, slowed down a little, but are still able to compose strong songs that can get you during the first run-through (the faster ones) as well as the tenth one (all of them)."
Fobia Zine

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Black Tracks

Total time: 36:58 * Style: cyber metal * MetalGate 2016


Ended Run / Amper / Devilation / Vibes / Midnight Bay / Encounter / Hypercharger / Tomorrow's Call / We Stand Alone

"Black Tracks is interesting as an album as it shuns the immortality promised by retelling classics ambiguously and instead tells its own contemporary story."
SoundscapeMagazine, 8/10

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