Postcards from Arkham


Total time: 30:33 * Style: dark folk * MetalGate 2018


One world is not enough / From the bottom of the ocean / Owls not what they seem / 2nd of april / Thousand years for us / Polaris / My gift, my curse / Elevate

"Spirit is ideal for relax or a chill-out listening session. At the same time it underscores the originality of an unmistakable band."
Metal Forever


War For War

In Situ

Total time: 34:20 * Style: aggrotech * MetalGate 2018


Ozbrojené stroje / Arsenik / Vůz hořel / Svod / Důlní díla / Pohaslé město / Digitron

"The album does not lack in terms of ideas and good melodies that are embellished by the beautiful voice of Lenka Machová. Morbivod' growl goves the music a proper drive... Music-wise, War For War made a risky move, when going for electronics, but Morbivod's signature is still present."
Metal Forever



Total time: 35:10 * Style: thrash-death metal * MetalGate 2018


Evacuate / Iron / Panzertrain / Steamgod / Close / Siberia / Volunteer / Orders / Wrath / Frontline / Revolt / Battalion / Casualties

"ANTIGOD are in great shape on "W.R.A.T.H.", serving one hit after another."
Fobia Zine

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Total time: 45:31 * Style: melodic death/thrash metal * MetalGate 2018


Proem / Shape the Nihilism / Black Forest / Tell Me / Asylum / Presence / Amnesia / Impure / When the Empire Falls / Deceased

"In the massive river of Metal the Pilsen maniacs caught me with this record. Also you direct your faces on the north and you will see that you will like the storm called “Amnesia”! Very good melodic death metal with extra freezing added value!"
Deadly Storm Zine

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