Minority Sound

The Explorer

Total time: 35:52 * Style: cyber metal * MetalGate 2012


hostile in your skull / load of destruction / the explorer / zealots / binary child / wipe out the virus / fear / the end of all

"Minority Sound could well become a major player."
metalmouth.net, 7/10

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Total time: 49:37 * Style: psy-core * MetalGate 2012


Lunapark / Média / Síť pro sociály / Skoč / Rédijo / Neonarcis / Stáváš se potravou / Pod nuselákem / Jsem nadšenej / Dymytry / Ocelová parta / Harpyje / Hanglická

"DYMYTRY certainly did not fail with their new album. The guys managed to build upon the previous one "Neser", wherein we could get a taste of "Neonarcis" in the song "Protekční synek". I hope their next piece will be at least as good as these two. And my final words? No matter what mood your are in, be sure that in "Neonarcis" you will find what you need."
Volumemax.cz, 7/10

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Miloš Meier

Drumming Syndrome

Total time: 150:00 * Style: drumming show * MetalGate 2012


HRONOV (live): Run on die / Industrial carpet / Drum solo 1 / Reflection / Drum solo 2 / Combine crash / Babylon warrior / Outro

OSTRAVA (live): 6/8 / Run or die / Industrial carpet / Drum solo 1 / Drum solo 2 / Combine crash / Intro / Drum solo

OLOMOUC (live): Babylon warrior / Dymytry - medley / Outro

AKROPOLIS (studio live): 6/8 / DM3 / Overture / Babylon warrior / Lick Another Bottom / Down the mountain


BONUS: Stroy - Forcing the earth / Dymytry - Strážná věž / Noid - Ráchel / Dymytry - Heroin / Dymytry - Benzín / Drum solo with Noid / Drum solo with Dymytry

"In the final count, I have to say that, as an ordinary consumer of music, I did not have any high expectations about this dvd. I was pleasantly surprised, enjoyed the dvd and will gladly revisit it again. A good idead and inspiration for other able drummers!"

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3 Altering

Total time: 35:56 * Style: cyber metal * MetalGate 2012


'Cause Of Man Who Killed All The Idols / Blackout / Deep Cuts / Platonic Blue / Remind Me! / About Them / Spirit And Water / Hope Of Broken Souls / Saddest Romancy

"This is one album that SERIOUSLY needs to be heard! A truly unique and amazing sound, both musically and verbally…this is definitely one for my personal collection!"
Metal Rules, 5/5

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