Who are we?

MetalGate originated in June 2008 as a midsized festival project focused on the heavy metal genre, within the intention of filling the gap between small gigs and large festivals of this genre in the Czech Republic. Shortly thereafter it became however apparent that beside new platforms for live performances, Czech metal, as a fringe genre, is in need of a more complex aid in areas typical for the music industry, that is, especially label activities, music production, distribution, promotion.

Given our affinity for this particular style of music, we decided to try to provide precisely this kind of systematic support, which led to a transformation of MetalGate festival into MetalGate Productions & Records, a brand to encompass our activities and projects. We are currently active in three main areas: a) releasing Czech metal albums (MetalGate Records), b) distribution of metal releases both local and international (MetalGate e-shop), c) publishing of metal-related books (MetalGate Publishing). Simply put, we strive to cultivate the Czech metal underground as best as we can.

And what is it all about?

If culture is supposed to a sort of mental reflection of mankind, then it should be as diverse as the mankind itself. Therefore, for each mainstream there must be a plethora of alternatives, to prevent sterile uniformity. Music is no exception, which is why the existence of metal is of significance, for this particular genre can be a particularly strong and viable alternative, if given the opportunity. In this regard, it is all the more sad that even more than 20 years after the fall of the totalitarian regime in the Czech Republic, regime that precisely suppressed anything that was different, the metal music is still perceived on a social-wide scale for the most part as something negative and potentially dangerous, although there is no reason for it. Since we not only like metal, but are also convinced that its being here has its sense, its support, no matter the form or scale, has its sense for us too. We would be glad if this initiative of ours, which forms the cornerstone of MetalGate Productions & Records, helped the Czech metal music gain its rightful place under the sun.