Black Tracks

Total time: 36:58 * Style: cyber metal * MetalGate 2016


Ended Run / Amper / Devilation / Vibes / Midnight Bay / Encounter / Hypercharger / Tomorrow's Call / We Stand Alone

"Black Tracks is interesting as an album as it shuns the immortality promised by retelling classics ambiguously and instead tells its own contemporary story."
SoundscapeMagazine, 8/10

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Total time: 34:11 * Style: thrash-death metal * MetalGate 2015


Enter The Warzone (intro) / And No God Will ... / Chlorine Under Sky / Victimized / Leadstorm / Blood Turns Black / Just Shut Up and Believe / God Knows Him / Flesh in the Air / Really Dead / Apathy / Crescent vs. Cross / Mum, Do Not Cry

"It is an honest old-school, made by people who have it in their blood and can do it."
Pařát Magazine

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Postcards from Arkham


Hrací čas: 34:38 * Styl: post-rock * MetalGate 2015

Seznam skladeb

Imagination Filled Balloon / Aeon Echoes / Thousand Years For Us / Overthrown / Elevate / Le Pays des Merveilles / Woods of Liberation / One World Is Not Enough

"Postcards From Arkhan have created something to be proud of with ÆØN5 – there’s no question that this is a band that is going places because there’s a lot of potential to be found in this piece."
Soundscape Magazine, 8/10

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Minority Sound

Drowner's Dance

Total time: 40:00 * Style: cyber metal * MetalGate 2015


Whip Him Good / Last Day on Earth / 1000 Years / Epidemic of Hystery / Freezing Oceans / Generation Z / Hate Calculation / Drowner's Dance / First Day on Earth / Come Hell

"Minority Sound arrive with the third LP with which they go to revive their electro metal that draws skillfully all the nuances that the band dedicated to the genre in recent years", 7.8/10

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