Arch Of Hell

One Day (reedice)

Total time: 64:54 * Style: symphonic metal * MetalGate 2017


Rise To The Victory / Utopia Treasure / Black Night / Only For One Day / Fateful / (Sin)cere World / Romance Of Afterlife / One Moment / Cry For The Angel / Last Path To Oblivion / One Day (unplugged)

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Gorgonea Prima


Total time: 42:59 * Style: industrial black metal * MetalGate 2017


Brownfields / The Snow Falling Up / Fight Or Fall / The Worker's Song / Black / The Will Cancer / Lebenfraktur / Steeldust Cocaine / Fuel My Fire

"The local - as well as any other - scene needs such playfully contemplative albums as this one, and after for instance HEIDEN departed to different worlds, "Brownfields" resonates twice as much."
Pařát Magazine

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Postcards from Arkham


Total time: 40:14 * Style: post-rock * MetalGate 2017


The Kvlt Ov Dream / Owls Not What They Seem / Thoughts Like Silver Bullets / Symmetric Kakophony / Leviathan / Dunwich Shaman / Wanderlvst / Valley Ov The Past Lives / Her Cosmic Song

"Manta is an interestingly put together mosaic, which as if had three imagined contrasting parts. An uncompromisingly fierce beginning ("Thoughts Like Silver Bullets"), post-rock tranquil middle with touches of distant dreamscapes ("Wanderlvst") and finally a treat beginning with the opus "Dunwich Shaman".

"Manta is such a complex project that it captivates even on a repeated listen, bringing great joy in finding links not only with Lovecraft's work, but also among individual songs and the overall story. The move from post-rock to progressive rock and atmospheric black metal with harsh vocals is so impressive and balanced that the album shines on the Czech scene as the cold moon over the Plateau of Leng."

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Desire for Sorrow


Total time: 40:07 * Style: melodic black metal * MetalGate 2017


Cold cell / Resurrection / Take the World / Visions / Army of the Dying / Edge of Abyss / Undead Thralls / Last Chapter / Derelict Race / Resentful Sun / Shadow Memories

"Recorded in Sonidos Studio in Brno, this album has a big potential to captivate even those who listen to other metal genres. "Visions" is a self-confident album and Desire for Sorrow can take rightful pride in it. Cyberpunk concept, melodic sympho black, precision - DESIRE FOR SORROW!"

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