Dear friends, last time we looked back what our release plan looked like during the first half of this year, today we are following up with what is yet to expect! And not only in the second half of the year, but also in early 2023; all of it being squarely on the literature front. So, what gives?

October 2022: reprint of “Ronnie James Dio: Biography of a Heavy Metal Icon” in Czech translation, i.e. the unofficial biography of the one and only legend by the American writer James Curl.

November 2022: “Black Metal: Cult Never Dies” in Czech translation, aka the third volume of the black metal saga by the English writer and music journalist Dayal Patterson, in which we shall revisit the Norwegian scene vis-á-vis bands such as Satyricon, Kampfar, Solefald or Wardruna, take a further look at the Polish scene with Xantotol, Arkona, Evilfeast or Mgła, and finally take a dive into the depressive black metal of Strid, Bethlehem or Forgotten Tomb.

January 2023: “No Celebration: The Official Story of Paradise Lost”, i.e. the Czech translation of the reissue of the authorized biography of the British doom/gothic metal legend that was expanded by its author, the American writer and journalist David Gehlke, now covering the band story from its beginning in 1988 to the very present of the “Obsidian” album era.

All titles are coming out in Czech only, though are available in English with their respective publishers. 

Hence the summary, though we shall of course look more closely on both of the new titles in our usual coverage, so stay tuned!