Dear friends, do you recall "Masterpieces"? We intended to publish the Czech version of this exquisite book late last year, yet getting everything ready ultimately took longer than expected. However, now we are delighted to announce that all is set, and the "Masterpieces" will thus come out February 20, 2020! And since we are on the subject, allow us to remind you what it is all about.

"Masterpieces" is a book series that is published by the British publishing house Heavy Music Artwork, which in its titles focuses on presenting the visual artistic side of metal music. The core of their publishing is thus artbooks, as for example precisely "Masterpieces" that assemble the best metal artwork for a given year.

In this case, it is the second installment of “Masterpieces”, i.e. the best of 2018, that is getting its Czech edition. The book itself is divided into several galleries, with the largest one offering 100 artworks by 100 artists that appeared as frontcovers on albums by 100 different bands. The remaining galleries then focus either on a specific artwork (as in case of the best piece of the year, or of the best special edition of the year), or on a specific artist, whose portfolio merits closer attention.

Featured bands are for example Judas Priest, Behemoth, Powerwolf, Opeth, Therion, Master's Hammer, Axel Rudi Pell, Shining, Deströyer 666, Insect Ark or Dark Buddha Rising. Featured artists include Claudio Bergamin, Gustavo Sazes, Vincent Fouquet, Vladimir Chebakov, Travis Smith, Nicola Samori, José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal or Dan Seagrave.

Thus, if you like to feast your eyes on the artworks that adorn your favorite albums, then “Masterpieces” is definitely something you should not miss!

Get ready!