Dear friends, here comes the third installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new album "W.R.A.T.H." of the Czech thrash-death metal company ANTIGOD. Today we shall dive into the album art.

If you saw the studioreport from last time, you may have already glimpsed the album frontcover, which we now bring you in full. Its author is, same as in case of the predecessor "Wareligion", is the acclaimed Czech metal visual artist Jaromír "Deather" Bezruč, and since the album deals with the Czechoslovak Legions in Russia, what else could be the main visual motif than an armored train. You like?

Additionally, here is customarily also the album tracklist, consisting of the following 13 artillery shots:

Evacuate / Iron / Panzertrain / Steamgod / Close / Siberia / Volunteer / Orders / Wrath / Frontline / Revolt / Battalion / Casualties

And finally, in case you missed what "W.R.A.T.H." is all about, check out the following press release, to be found here.