Dear friends, the annual Czech Břitva Awards for 2021 were held last Sunday, and you can find our footprint in the charts of four categories no less.

First and foremost, the last year's installment of our/your Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest OpenAir scored gold in the Festival of the Year category. MetalGate as such then gained fourth place in the Company of the Year category. Same ranking went to the latest full-length "Altars of Ignorance" by the Czech death metal veterans Tortharry in the category Album of the Year - Death & Grind. And last but not least, the vinyl reissue of the "Arcizlo" opus by the black metal triumvirate NĀV took the sixth place in the Non-ordinal album of the Year.

Our thanks to all the music journalists involved for their votes, as well as to all of you for your continued support, which keeps us going!