Dear friends, the next installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming last solo album "Než zemřu" of the Grand Magus BigBoss and his ensemble BigBoss Band is here, with several things no less.

First, we would like to present you the album art, which is the joint venture of Thomas Bruno, the guitarist of BigBoss Band, who took care of the overall layout and booklet, and of Ondřej Šmejkal from MetalGate, who authored the frontcover.

Second, we have here the customary companion to the visual, i.e. the album tracklist, which consists of the following nine recollections:

Zrození / Moje dětství / Na dně / Ztráty / Dlouhá cesta vzhůru / Per Aspera Ad Astra / Hudba je můj Život / Můj Život byl... / Čas odejít

Third, pre-orders are now launched on MetalGate e-shop, so if you want you copy of "Než zemřu" secure, head on there!

Finally, we would like to direct your attention to the current press release that sums up all that was said so far about this special release. Available here.

So enjoy and more next time!