Dear friends, so that the coverage of our label activities is complete for the week, there is of course also the next installment pertaining to the upcoming Czech edition of the "Masterpieces 2018" artbook by the English publisher Heavy Music Artwork. Today, we are again browsing through the contents...

...glancing at the next two galleries.

The third one in line is entitled Influential Artist of the Year and presents the work of such a visual artist, who has been long linked with the metal aesthetics and thus often cited by other visual artists as a source of inspiration. The name that appeared the most last year was that of the American artist Travis Smith, who has been doing metal frontcovers since 1995 and has an impressive clients list that includes Opeth, Katatonia, Devin Townsend, Overkill, All That Remains, as well as Cradle of Filth, Anathema, Amorphis, October Tide, Soulfy, or the iconic Death. You can check out more of his art here.

The fourth gallery is the Honorary Artist of the Year and is the showcase of such a visual artist, whose talent merits a special recognition, so much so that his work is presented not only in a particular section of the book, but also on the cover itself of Masterpieces. We already mentioned the holder of this honor for last year at the very beginning of our coverage, but to reiterate, it is the French artist Vincent Fouquet, whose clients are for example Inquisition, Tsjuder, Melechesh, Naglfar, Nordjevel, Benighted, Susperia, as well as the French Hellfest festival. You can check out more of his art here.

So, enjoy and more browsing next time!