Dear friends, in early December, you can expect also the final title from our release plan for this year, a musical one, i.e. the new solo album of the Czech icon BigBoss, along with his ensemble BigBoss Band, which is to be entitled "Než zemřu" (Before I Die).

It will not however be "just" another full-length, but in terms of BigBoss' solo career, the final one, with a very concrete, very personal, lyrical focus, as in the nine songs that make up the album, the master reflects on individual chapters of his life. This is also the reason why all the album lyrics are in Czech.

Today thus begins our customary coverage pertaining to "Než zemřu" that will offer you a closer look at this last solo full-length, beginning with a short message from BigBoss to his fans:

As well as with the usual snapshots from the album deal signing, the full gallery of which is available here!

Tak enjoy and more next time!