Friends, the Spring season of club shows approaches and we intend to fully participate. Besides the third act of Hellenic Darkness, we have another treat for you, i.e. the return of the Suomi psychedelic black metal phenomenon ORANSSI PAZUZU to Prague, during their Mental Possession Tour 2017!

It shall transpire Thursday, May 11, 2017 in Prague Futurum Music Bar.

If you are unfamiliar with ORANSSI PAZUZU, know that this band from Tampere is a singular entity that though coming from Scandinavian black metal, enriches it from the onset, exploring and expanding its limits, as apparent especially from the third studio album “Valonielu” that established OP as one of the most progressive metal acts. No wonder then that the aforementioned “Värähtelijä” found after its release its way into numerous album of the year lists.

ORANSSI PAZUZU will however not come alone, but in the company of the US black metal act COBALT, for which Mental Possession is their very first European tour. Driven forward by a Hemingwayan ethos of perfectionism, stoicism and unshakeable conviction in one’s beliefs, COBALT currently represents perhaps the very best of American progressive black metal; a position gained especially through albums “Eater of Birds” (2007), “Gin” (2009) and the current one “Slow Forever”. Thus, their “war metal” will not go amiss next to ORANSSI PAZUZU.

And since Mental Possession Tour is heading here, it must not go without local support; a role which will go to DEMIMONDE, the pioneers of Czech experimental metal, who gained this recognition through their 2000 debut “Mutant Star”. Last year, DEMIMONDE returned from a long hibernation with their second album “Cygnus Oddyssey”, and confirmed that they still have much to say on the experimental scene.

If you thus count yourself among fans of weird music, you should not pass this séance!

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