Dear friends, we have news from the kitchen of the eighth installment of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest.

If you remember, for this year we announced, as part of the festival inovations, a greater emphasis on available accompanying activities. Thus today, we shall put bands aside and look at one such activity that you will be able to take part in on MGCDF 2016.

Said activity is the so-called "nailing", a collective coordination game, which is popular, at least according to cultural anthropological reports that we gained access to, under the name "nageln" in German-speaking countries, and which is thus splendidly suited for entertainment during long summer evenings.

Being a collective game, it requires at least two players. These then hammer down nails into a wooden block, however with the thinner side of the hammer to make things difficult, and who finishes last, buys himself and the other players a round. And so it goes on and on, as long as the enjoyment or the motor functions last :-)

So, will you give a try?