Dear friends, the third batch of bands confirmed for the upcoming 13th installment of our/your Czech metal feast is here. We are still keeping to our distinguished guests from abroad, adding a European quartet that is also returning from the postponed 2020 installment. So, please welcome: 


A brutal outfit hailing from the United Kingdom, from Wales to be exact, SODOMIZED CADAVER are considered one of the most active and visible bands of the “proud Albion”, which got them to big stages all over Europe. Around here, the band got the public attention especially thanks to the Slovakian label Immortal Souls Production, which released a compilation entitled “Verses of Vorarephilia” in 2017, containing their two mini CDs. A further dose of the sodomy followed three years later, when the guys released their full-length debut album „Morbid Tales of Mutilation“, which we are about to enjoy next summer at MGCDF 2022. All who fancy the good old death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse should join up.


Again, something for all the extreme metal maniacs! The German outfit STILLBIRTH is all about brutal death metal, with some grindcore and deathcore icing. Since 1999, when the band was founded by Lukas Swiaczny, they gained an impressive record of live shows not only in Europe, but also overseas, and given the incredible amount of energy projected these performances are incredibly popular wherever they take place. Their latest studio effort, „Strain of Gods“ from this November is a sonic blast and we are sure it’s gonna be a real massacre live. As a result we can’t wait to see these beasts live at MGCDF 2022!


There is a saying to seek a woman behind everything, which seems to apply even to death metal bands, as proven by the German outfit SABIENDAS, which is the brainchild of the guitarist and vocalist Alexandra Rutkowski. And from the onset in 2006, her vision has been clear – to play solid old school death metal in the vein of the U.S. scene of the 90s. No redundancies, simply a straightforward direction both musically and lyrically, to be found manifested on the trifecta of their full-lengths “Restored to Life” (2013), “Column of Skulls” (2015) and „Repulsive Transgression“. Where SABIENDAS particularly shine however are their live shows, which have incredible drive. The band proudly claims that they can move even the most rigid of audiences. And if you visited MGCDF 2013, you surely saw that for yourself. Next time, it is round two time and certainly yet another mighty moshpit is to be unleashed.


There is really no need to dissect the name CLITGORE to any significant degree to understand what gives. This Romanian outfit, formed in 2007 by Ela “NecroClit”, is all about solid grindcore, filled with pornographic motifs of a dashing nature. Their romantic music breaks hearts, smashes bones and rips out all innards, thanks to which CLITGORE rightfully conquered stages all over the world. For example, they were the first goregrind band to play in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, as part of the Nepal Death Fest. Another interesting fact is that their guitarist Calin Paraschiv was a member of the iconic Pestilence between 2017 and 2019. Back to CLITGORE though. Their touring brought them side by side with Obituary, Dying Fetus or Napalm Death, and they should not be an unknown to the Czech audience, as they previously visited Obscene Extreme or Fekal Party. MGCDF is next on the list. Get ready for a proper massacre!

You can expect more roster announcements in January, so stay tuned and enjoy the holidays!


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