Dear friends, it is decision day, and we are in business! We thoroughly considered the current epidemic situation and all the consequent conditions for organizing cultural events and reached the conclusion that both are favorable enough for our “local” version to have a chance of taking place.

So, no more delays, we are setting the wheels into motion for this year’s installment of our/your Czech metal feast to take place in the usual timeframe of June 17 to 19 in the usual site of camp Brodský!

That said, and as we already mentioned last time, this postponed 12th installment will be in certain ways different. There will be only one stage this time to host during the three festival days a total of 36 bands from the Czechoslovak scene. There will also be limitations to the usual pastime activities, as we cannot this time for obvious reasons go ahead with MGCDF for kids, nor with all the collective contests.

To compensate you for such a downgrade in some way at least, and at the same time thank you for your continued support, we prepared two bonuses that you can choose from on site:

  • Either you will be able to get already the tickets to MGCDF 2022 with a 12 Euro discount
  • Or you can pick up a voucher for eight free beers in our outdoor festival bar (with Primátor 11 being on tap)

Get your bonus at the festival box office when arriving, as later on it will not be possible due to logistical reasons.

Furthermore, if for whatever reason you cannot make this year and you have a valid ticket, it remains valid for the 2022 edition. Of course, if for whatever reason you want to refund your ticket, you can still do at where you bought your ticket.

And since we are on the subject, the festival pre-sale is still running, with the final emission of tickets being sold in Tortharry shop till full capacity. So, if you want to buy yours, we recommend getting it in pre-sale, as we cannot currently guarantee that tickets will be sold on site.

Next, it is apt to note that despite the current loosening of restrictions, there are still various hygienic and epidemic countermeasures that shall apply to our festival. Thus, we would like to ask you for your understanding and cooperation so that everything goes, if possible, smoothly.

Despite such difficulties we firmly believe that all of us will enjoy the feast regardless and that MGCDF will finally get back on its feet so that next year it can return in full force!

See you there and stay tuned for further info!