Dear friends, our roster ride continues with five more names now added to the list of the upcoming 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast! This time, death comes primarily from the local scene, though there is a guest from abroad as well. So, get ready for:


DISAVOWED are another representative of the Dutch death metal scene. Formed in 2000, the band aims for brutal, yet well-structured, technical and catchy music. Such vision was presented already on the first demo “Point of Few”, which lead to the band signing a deal with the U.S. label Unique Leader Records. In 2001 came the debut full-length “Perceptive Deception”, followed by five weeks of touring in North America in 2002, as well as by a European tour a year later that lasted four weeks. Afterwards, things got complicated due to health problems of the drummer Robbert Vrijenhoek that ultimately necessitated him being replaced by Romain Goulon in 2006. In 2007, a new album, “Stagnated Existence” was released, showing how much the band technically progressed. Similar leap forward is expected from the upcoming third full-length, on which DISAVOWED will surely once again deliver their colorful, catchy, yet brutal and aggressive take on death metal, taking us again to all the various recesses of the human psyche.


No surprise there, correct? There is simply no imagining of MGCDF without TORTHARRY! These veterans of the Czech death metal have played on every single installment of our/your Czech metal feast, and they co-organize it as well, which all our regular attendees surely know. And since it is equally no secret that their discography contains nine full-lengths thus far, and behind their belt are countless live shows around Europe, as well as overseas, in Latin America for example, let us run through what they have been up to since the last MGCDF: a short, yet intense tour in Poland with Hypnos and Bloodphemy, more festival appearances, including upcoming performances on the Ear Demolition Festival in Germany and the Eradication Fest in London, and still to come are also some Czech shows, e.g. alongside the iconic Krisiun in Brno. Beside all that, TORTHARRY are of course gearing up for MGCDF 2020, wherein the pit will be joined for such blasts as “100% Follower”, “Tennosei no Tenshi” or “Without A Break”.


Do you recall the rampage of the frontman Žlababa and his anti-disco commando Shampoon Killer on MGCDF 2019? Well, you should, as it was a blast. And since Žlababa fronts two bands, his signature murmur will be heard again in 2020, as we will host this other outfit of his, BRUTALLY DECEASED. This old school death metal squad came about in 2007 in Prague, and has so far released three full-lengths and two splits, the last of which, “Scornful Death Trail”, wherein BRUTALLY DECEASED joined forces with the Polish outfit Embrional, came out in August 2019, thus being still a relatively new offering. We can hence guess, if the three new songs – “Asceticism (A Seance of Death Eternal)”, “Worship Where the Devil Worships” a “As Darkness Takes Over” – shall be heard next year on MGCDF. Whatever the setlist may be though, one thing is certain: BRUTALLY DECEASED shall unleash a death metal storm that will blow your brains out!


Established in 2007, underwent several line-up changes since then that were however always for the benefit of things. So far, ANIME TORMENT released three full-lengths, with the latest one, entitled “Afterlife” coming out in 2017 and presenting the band in the vein of the fresh modern death metal sound. Of course, ANIME TORMENT not only compose quality albums, but also are very much active live. They toured Europe several times, as well as appeared on such festivals as Brutal Assault, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Gothoom and others. And there are no signs of them slowing down, since they already plan a Mexican tour, as well as a new album for the second half of 2020. A taste of the new music is surely to be had on MGCDF, where the band will return after three years!


Truth be told, we initially intended to come up with our own characteristic of SECTESY. Really. But then we remembered that these guys are not only able to compose a kick-ass death metal blast, but also have an equal talent for description, as they consider themselves as “Pathologically lazy and stubbornly backward barrage of musical perversity. This band literally gurgles with synonyms for gracefully moldering past which amalgamates with the corrosive desire “to be preserved” in what is nowadays openly despised. In other words, old school, kick-ass death metal from Kolín for all the old-timers out there!” At this point, we can but add that SECTESY shall present on MGCDF their latest EP “Jesus Christ Superlunch” that was released this July. All fans of such an old-school mayhem are more than welcomed to congregate by our lakeside for a grand reminiscence. Ok?!