MetalGate Production News

Dreamscapes Tour 2015 kicks off this Friday and you are cordially invited also by Postcards from ARKHAM-post rock! JTheir no.1 fan, the mighty Cthulhu himself, also expects you to attend and fear his wrath if you do not.

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION are also looking forward to meeting you on the road during the Dreamscapes Tour 2015, even though it appears the band has vanished during the Ludkovice Witch Project.

And they are very much looking forward to seeing you on the road! Are you ready?

Nothgard call you to arms! MetalGate Season Enclosure 2015 is coming up next week, on Friday, Novemeber 6, in Brno in Melodka.

On Friday, November 6, 2015, the Melodka club in Brno shall host the next installment of our traditional club gig MetalGate Season Enclosure. For this occasion we bring you not one, but three chances to win free tickets to this show!  

Winter in general is a time of slumber and of dreaming, and thus it is no coincidence that this winter the DREAMSCAPES TOUR shall cruise through Bohemia and Moravia.