Secret of Darkness


Total time: 36:45 * Style: melodic blackened death metal * MetalGate 2011


The World (Origin) / The Sovereign / Smell Of Lies / Destroyed Illusions / Voices Of "Truth" / On The Other Side / No Night, No Day / Desolated Dreams / Self Insurrection / Katharsis - bonus track

"“(In)Humanity is not shattering conventions, nor is it terribly impressive, but it’s a very well-rounded release that will most definitely please anyone who enjoys quality melodic death metal.", 70/100

Sold out


Suffocate With Your Fame

The New World Order

Total time: 35:22 * Style: deathcore * MetalGate 2011


Inception / I'm Proud Demon Destroyer / Throne Of The False King / Silence / Question (Intro) / Martyrs Of Demise / Desire For Benevolence / Parasites / Blood Money

"In conclusion I can only say that Suffocate With Your Fame produced with honors an above average debut. I am sure that the next album will be even better. If the guys give more attention to vocals, we will have a lot to look forward to, and maybe the new world order will become reality. "



Total time: 36:09 * Style: death metal * MetalGate 2011


Intro / Isolated / Disobedience / The Hunter / Blind Faith / Silence / Lost Identity / Seven Deadly Sins / Dead End / Self-Torturing / Plastic Dolls

"For these death metal veterans from Slovakia, the current album "Damned" is a job well done. Ten tracks that simply annihilate the listener have thge right feeling, and the whole album is very compact. On top of that, Dementor did not fear embelishing their death metal with guest vocals, even sampled opera ones in the final track "Plastic Dolls". The whole thing goes under the skin well enough and even after several listens it is clear that the band follows its own path. Death metal made from the heart, and that makes it twice as valuable.", 9/10


Tomorrow's Fires

Total time: 37:05 * Style: death-metalcore * MetalGate 2011


To Name The Things Right / Feeding On Your Fear / Forgiveness / Rain Of Thoughts / Ink Smears / Describing The Emptiness / The Ever Searching Seagull Poem / Tomorrow's Fires / Bloodless / The Silhouette In The Dark Reminds Me Of You / Rain Of Thoughts - bonus videoclip

"All in all, I like this album as much as the previous one, wherein however I noticed greater hits (Frozen, Obligation) than this time (Bloodless); on the other hand, the new album is more complex, diverse and mature."
Fobia Zine, 8/10

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