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Total time: 40:13 * Style: metal * MetalGate 2019


Zrození / Moje dětství / Na dně / Ztráty / Dlouhá cesta vzhůru / Per aspera ad astra / Hudba je můj život / Můj život byl... / Čas odejít

"The last solo album is exactly what it should be like - an excellent summary, no conceptual bubble gum vaudeville, but a clenched, compact and strong album in all its aspects with a powerful story written by life itself."

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Postcards from Arkham


Total time: 38:21 * Style: post-rock * MetalGate 2019


Prologue / Yidhra / Mutual Distortion / Spiritual Transcendence / Against Binding Gravity / Lost Home / Erich Zann Syndrome / Violet Suicide / Ten Steps Forward and Eleven Reasons to Go Back / Happily Never After

"Øakvyl is an excellent piece that belongs to the best of what came about this year. And it does not matter, if we are talking locally or otherwise. The band confirmed its ascendant tendency, as their recordings keep getting creative and "better" made. Post-rock, metal, prog, black metal. It is a diverse album, but at the same time more compact compared to the previous one Manta. All things considered, Øakvyl is a great album."
Metal Forever & Metal Man

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Total time: 31:59 * Style: symphonic blackened death metal * MetalGate 2019


River Stained Red / Of All Our Anguish / Parasite / Age of the Serpent / Monsters Along the Road / Only Memories Survived / Zealot's Lament / Ethereal

"Dustborn surprised with the masterfulness of the album. "Dethroned" is a self-confident piece, full of energy and well-played black/death metal...Helluva job!"
Metal Forever & Metal Man

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Sakis Tolis & Dayal Patterson

Non Serviam - oficiální historie Rotting Christ

No. of pages: 295 * Format: paperback / hardcover * MetalGate 2019


Dětství v Řecku / Objevování extrémností / Rané inspirace / Black Churches & Rotting Christs / Omámení grindcorem / Satanas Tedeum / Přichází Morbid / Passage To Arcturo / Thy Mighty Contract / Studio Storm / Fuck Christ / Non Serviam / Desperáti na cestách za exotikou / Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers / Zůstal na to sám / A Dead Poem / Sleep Of The Angels / Khronos / Genesis / Sanctus Diavolos / Theogonia / Aealo / Znovuzrození Rotting Christ / Katá Ton Daímona Eautoú / Rituals / Slavná minulost, jasná budoucnost

"An interesting book in my opinion, full of exclusive information, funny and serious events, details about the recordings of all albums, or reasons behind personnel changes."
Fobia Zine

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