Dear friends, we are moving on in our coverage pertaining to the upcoming new album "Within Destruction" of the Czech death-thrash metal horde NAHUM. Today, we are looking at the genesis of the whole project!

Speaking chronologically, composing the new piece was successfully wrapped up late last year, with pre-production phase following shortly thereafter. Production itself then kicked off early this year in a set up as impressive as anything else regarding this album. See for yourself:

Recording sessions took place in three different studios, i.e. ABBADON record & mastering studio (drums), GM Recording Studio (bass and vocals) and M-Kapec (guitars). Mixing and mastering was then taken care of by the renowned Polish Hertz Studio. These places you can now visit with the band in the following studioreport.



And if you wish to learn more about the concept of "Within Destruction", check out the current press release, available here.

So enjoy and more next time!