Dear friends, welcome to another installment of our coverage pertaining to the upcoming debut album "Uv'Derekh" of the Czech post-black/shoegaze act DÆRRWIN! Last time we delved into the genesis and content of this piece, so today we shall move on to its visual side.

That means we have for you the album frontcover, created by the photographer Tomáš Melich (Ahoj ††††) and by the DRW drummer Ivan, who designed the overall visualization. It is also apt to note that the photos that compose the art of "Uv'Derekh" (front included) were taken in the vintage interiors and exteriors of St. Vojtěch villa in Southeast Bohemia.

You like? 

Futhermore, we have for you also the album tracklist, which, given its conceptual nature, has the following, book-like, structure

Foreword / CHAPTER ONE / Intermezzo before second chapter / CHAPTER TWO / Intermezzo before third chapter / CHAPTER THREE / Intermezzo before fourth chapter / CHAPTER FOUR

So enjoy and more next time! 

For more info about the album, check out also the most recent press release here.