Good evening friends, here comes another installment of our Lovecraftian mystery, related to the upcoming new album "MANTA" of the Czech post-rock project Postcards from Arkham. If you were, like us, curious as to what new pieces of the puzzle were brought to light after Roger J. Greeves's visit to Kingsport, we all remain in the dark...

...for an article published in Arkham Advertiser shortly after the supposed meeting of RJG with the members of the Orphic Assembly, brought instead of the usual report a shocking twist that does not look good

We shall see, if we can obtain any clues as to how the situation developed further.

As usual, attached is a copy of the original article:

and here is its transcript for an easier read:

Reporter Missing!

RJG disappears in Kingsport

A shocking turn of events

[Breaking news] Arkham – Since the sudden and quite puzzling death of Miskatonic’s School of Music professor Malachias C. Downbarrow on February 6, and his equally puzzling letter delivered to our newspaper, one of our finest reports, Roger J. Greeves, have been investigating the matter, especially in light of a cryptic reference contained within said letter about a recent arrival of a cult named “Orphic Assembly of Manta Primordialis” into New England to pursue some clandestine agenda, which may have been related to the professor’s untimely demise. However, said investigation has taken a stunning and possibly dark turn, as we now learn that RJG has gone missing!

As our readers are surely aware, since detailed accounts of every step of his investigation were reported by RJG on the pages of our newspaper, the case lead our colleague to witness a bizarre séance on the Arkham battlements, then to travel to Innsmouth and Dunwich, wherein he uncovered some leads as to the nature of the cult’s endeavors, and finally to Kingsport, where he ventured upon receiving a direct invitation from OAMP to witness a key moment in their labors.

RJG were to meet the cultists outside Kingsport, at a location locally known as the “Strange high house in the mist”. As a precaution against possible foul play on part of the cult, another reporter from Arkham Advertiser, G. Williams, accompanied RJG to Kingsport. With them was also detective Walter A. Graham from Arkham Police Department, an old friend of RJG, who kindly agreed to also provide escort.

Unfortunately, during the ascend to the site, the two got separated from RJG and delayed due to the difficult terrain, and by the time they managed to reach the Strange High House, there was no sign of RJG or anyone else for that matter. Statements from both gentlemen further posit that during the final leg of their climb, they began to hear distant tones of strange music and could see an eerie light gathering around the summit, both of which ceased shortly before they reached the peak.

With the site deserted, both gentlemen returned to Kingsport with all haste, whereupon detective Graham alerted the local police and organized a larger search party to inspect the area more thoroughly.

Sadly, the only thing the search turned up was RJG’s notebook, which was found at a beach near the crag on the top of which rests the Strange high house.

The whereabouts of RJG are still unknown, though a full-scale investigation by the police departments of Arkham and Kingsport is now underway. We pray our colleague is safe and sound, and hope for his speedy return.

At this point we can only speculate whether the invitation of OAMP was a ruse to get rid of RJG, or whether it was genuine, with something going terribly wrong…or perhaps it did not.

Further updates to follow as they become available.


Chapter overview:

I - Black day at Miskatonic | II - Weird séance on Arkham battlements | III - Mystery deepens | IV - Innsmouth | V - From Innsmouth to Dunwich | VI - Dunwich | VII - On the verge of breakthrough? | VIII - Kingsport