Dear friends, time for another episode of our Lovecraftian tale, related to the upcoming new album "MANTA" of the Czech post-rock project Postcards from Arkham!

If you came across our previous installment, you know that events are starting to escalate. Roger J. Greeves barely returned from Dunwich, where by the way he made an important find that may shed light on the agenda of the Orphic Assembly of Manta Primordialis as such, only to hit the road again, heading to Kingsport. This time however, he is expected!

"I was correct!

The strange high house in the mist was the threshold. They were waiting and with them – the traversal…beyond the angled space.


When the attunement was right, they unlatched the heavy door and flung it wide to the stars and the mist…and to the Great Manta and Her cosmic song.

And out into the limitless aether, I followed…"


Chapter overview:

I - Black day at Miskatonic | II - Weird séance on Arkham battlements | III - Mystery deepens | IV - Innsmouth | V - From Innsmouth to Dunwich | VI - Dunwich | VII - On the verge of breakthrough?