Dear friends, the next chapter of our Lovecraftian tale regarding the upcoming new album "MANTA" of the Czech post-rock project Postcards from Arkham has arrived!

If you are following the plot attentively, you surely know that the investigation of Rogera J. Greeves, a reporter from Arkham Advertiser, into the Orphic Assembly of Manta Primordialis is leaving Arkham and is heading to a no less iconic destination in Lovecraft's weird universe - to the ancient seaport of Innsmouth.

Why OAMP visited this place and what connection it has to the "Eternal Monument to Manta Primordialis and Her Cosmic Song" can be learned from today's installment. Have a weird one and to be continued!

P.S.: The next part of the narrative is in the subtitles of the video, so do not forget to switch them on.