Dear friends, and all death metal maniacs in particular, today is the official release of the 11th full-length "Paměť kamenů" of the Czech genre veterans Tortharry in digipack format!

Faithful old school with modern sound. Tortharry releasing 11th full-length

The death metal machine Tortharry is again on the move, charging ahead with full steam. The new album Paměť kamenů may surprise with Czech lyrics, but music-wise, it is still the pure genre whirlwind that follows in the vein of its predecessors. Simply put, Tortharry are one the cornerstones of the Czech metal scene. 

That fans can expect a genuine death metal is apparent already from the sinister looking, virulently green album frontcover, made by Gary Ronaldson. “It is something of a paradox. It the past, we worked with Czech artists, but now, when we have an album with Czech lyrics, we decided for the first time to commission someone from abroad,” says Dan, the guitarist and vocalist of Tortharry. “In the past, we underestimated some of our album covers, for example Reborn and White, but since Follow we try to give more attention to album art. And while the frontcover of our last album Altars of Ignorance by Jaromír Bezruč looks great, I thought we could do something new and try out someone well-known from abroad. Gary Ronaldson worked for Pig Destroyer, Misery Index or Napalm Death, is a skilled painter and I like his portfolio very much. So, it was a no-brainer.”

The band also kept an eye on sound by choosing for the third time The Barn studio of the producer Dan Friml, who thus became one of the key contributors to the current incarnation of Tortharry. “We recorded in many studios, such as Šopa, Shaark or Herz in Poland, but the fact is that we like The Barn the most. The equipment, the facilities, the surroundings, the seclusion, along with the calm, the insight and experience of Dan Friml… Great sound, great production, we did not think for a second to go elsewhere this time,” adds Dan.

You can in fact hear the qualities of “Paměť kamenů” yourself, as we are stream the album in full on our YouTube channel as usual:

As mentioned, the new album comes with Czech lyrics. The last time Tortharry used their mother tongue in their music was in the early demo days. When it came to full-lengths, these were only in English. Until now. The guys wanted to give it a shot and time will tell, if it pays off. The album tells of woeful tales, the echoes of which seeped into stones as silent witnesses, and hence can be considered a conceptual one.

It is also apt to reiterate that "Paměť kamenů" shall get its vinyl edition, which is planned for later this year.

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