Dear friends, welcome to the second installment of our coverage regarding the upcoming new full-length "Kontinuum" by the Czech post-rock ambience makers Tengri. Today, we are delving into the visual side of the release.

The album artwork, as was the case of the split album "Ur", comes from the studio of Ma Rie Fišerová, who is also the vocalist of the dark crust act Lakka, as well as the publisher of the visual arts and music fanzine Mazinerie. Once again, it is thus all about a minimalist artwork of monochromatic objects and still life.

The vinyl itself comes in the color-in-color rendition, i.e. the combination of ultra-clear and black, with each record having its own unique pattern.

Beside art, we have for you today as usual also the album tracklist, which is comprised of the following four impressive compositions:

Bez minulosti / Bez budoucnosti / Vědomě / V přítomnosti

So, enjoy and more next time!