Dear friends, here comes the fourth browsing through the upcoming Czech edition of the "Masterpieces 2019" artbook by the English publisher Heavy Music Artwork, in which we are moving on to glance at the seventh and last gallery.

This largest one is titled "100 Artists with 100 Bands on 100 Releases", and it is in this one that you shall find a comprehensive selection of the finest metal frontcovers from the year before last, belonging to albums for instance by Dream Theater, Megadeth, Death Angel, Amon Amarth, Demon Hunter, Atrocity, Avantasia, Beast In Black, Betraying The Martyrs, Born Of Osiris, Combichrist, Crypt Sermon, Devil Master, Hate, High Reeper, In Flames, Mammoth Storm, Municipal Waste, Rotting Christ, Savage Master, Skyblood, Swallow the Sun, The Deathtrip, This Gift is a Curse, Twilight Force, Une Misère, Vile Apparition, Visceral Disgorge or Within Temptation.

So, enjoy and coming soon!

Video by Woll Design