MetalGate Production News

Dear friends, to expand even more our list of shows for the Spring, we are adding the Nuclear Desert Tour 2017 of the Mesopotamian black-thrash metal horde ARALLU and the Czech black metal pack NAURRAKAR!

Friends, the Spring season of club shows approaches and we intend to fully participate. Besides the third act of Hellenic Darkness, we have another treat for you, i.e. the return of the Suomi psychedelic black metal phenomenon ORANSSI PAZUZU to Prague, during their Mental Possession Tour 2017!

Dear friends, today we have once again something special for you! Another batch of confirmed bands in here, yet containing only one name, which means one thing - another headliner!

Dear friends, time for another batch of confirmed bands! Last batch came from the extreme metal spectrum, so this one revisits this year's second line of dramaturgy - the metal avant-garde and alternative.

Dear friends, after a short break, we bring you another, next to last, batch of live videos. This time you can revisit last year's MetalGate Czech Death Fest:

Dear friends, you know the first headliner of MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2017, but that is not the end of this year's roster! The next batch of confirmed bands is here, this time comprised of one foreign guest and three local packs; all primarily death metal oriented.