Dear friends, we are at the end of the presentation of the roster of the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast, as the last two names are here, representing an extremely volatile transatlantic mixture of the U.S. and German death metal scene!

So, get ready for:


Death metal straight from its cradle. The U.S. outfit INVIDIOSUS hails from the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area in Minnesota, playing a devastating mix of brutal death metal, black, thrash and grindcore for over ten years now. This outfit proudly follows the D.I.Y. approach, relying primarily on their own strengths in band-related activities. INVIDIOSUS thus for example toured in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay and Chile using only public transportation and carrying everything needed for a show in hand. Same goes for their studio endeavors, whereby their discography features only one full-length, but numerous singles, split albums, demos or MCDs. Though these gentlemen do not mess around, and their music shall rip off your balls and beat you with them, they are good-natured fellows with great sense of humor, whereupon it would be shame and a mistake to miss them on MGCDF 2019.


Hamburg’s very own MORBITORY were established in October 2013 with a clear-cut goal – to play death metal in the vein of its old school masters. No clean vocals, no flourishing arrangements, only raw and straightforward death, which these gentlemen premiered on their 2016 debut EP “Into the Morbitory”, followed year later by a live split album that was recorded in Hamburg’s iconic Bambi Galore club. The energy that MORBITORY bombard the maniaxs in the pit with uplifted the band onto shows alongside the death metal finest, including Obituary, Grave, Malevolent Creation or Sinister. Recently visiting Czech Republic in early March, MORBITORY are poised to return, so that the assembled legions on MetalGate Czech Death Fest can also witness the well-done renaissance of old school death metal. Do not miss this perfect return to the very roots of the genre!

So enjoy and gear up for 44 bands in three days! Check out the complete roster here.