Dear friends, only six more names remain to the completion of the roster of the upcoming 11th installment of our/cour Czech metal feast! Today, we are announcing the first pair of those - one act hailing from the local scene, the other from the international one, both in any case at home in the extreme end of the metal spectrum.

So, get ready for:


In general, the Czech grindcore scene ranks among the top worldwide. Within the scene itself then, the grind-black maniaxs ISACAARUM stand among the foremost outfits. We are delighted that we can talk about in the present tense, as the band is back amongst the living after its split in 2014, which we have Miroslav “Čurby” Urbanec to thank for, as it was his special request to have ISACAARUM perform on the 20th anniversary of the Obscene Extreme Festival that resurrected them. It is obvious then that the gentlemen accepted and on that installment reminisced live about their classic albums “Curbed” and “Cunt Hackers”. The success of their reappearance led to a special commemorative album “Retrorgy” (featuring re-recorded songs precisely from those two full-lengths) that cemented the rise of ISACAARUM from the ashes. And now, this icon, in an old-new line-up, is heading to MGCDF 2019. So, in the finest spirit of depravity, get ready for a grind-black mayhem, hectoliters of bodily fluids, and loads of black humor!


Brutal death metal outfit, spawned in 1995 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since its inception the band showed great passion for mixing various extreme metal elements into a devastating union. Although the basis has been and always will be the orthodox death metal, you can also come across the dark shards of doom, unmerciful blast beats, slamming and even the black metal theatricality. Simply put, the ability of SKINNED to merge all the different extremes is amazing. Add to that that this horde tirelessly tours far and wide (appearing beside their home turf of North America and usual destination of Europe also in Russia, Japan, South Asia or South America) and you will get a pretty clear picture as to how one of the most ambitious brutal death metal acts of today looks like. Their arrival to MGCDF 2019 is thus something you should not sit out!

Enjoy and more next time!