Dear friends, after a short intermission we are bringing you another batch of bands confirmed for the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. This time purely from the Czech scene, an music-wise, we are leaving the extreme waters for a moment and enter the cyber-core territories.

So, get ready for:


The Prague-based cyber metal squad, established in 2007 by Ota Hobst (a.k.a. Otus) and Aleš Hampl (a.k.a. Gulesh) as project with which both gentlemen could pursue their passion for combining sharp guitars with electronics, surely need no lengthy introduction, if only because they are a regular on MGCDF. After all, their last appearance was just last year, though if you think it is perhaps too early for a re-run, there is a damn good reason to do so – a brand new full-length this outfit is preparing for spring! In fact, it was precisely during their show last year that MINORITY SOUND already presented a taste of what is to come, so it is only logical to now hear the rest of their new repertoire. And as is customary for them, with each new album the band explores new territories both musical and lyrical, whereby while the latest piece “Drowner’s Dance” brought a vision of a dystopic future within a soundtrack of epic orchestrations, heavy guitars and harsh vocals, the upcoming full-length “Toxin” promises to be a far more personal, even intimate, testimony that was in the band circles given the added title “…of drugs and men”. So, witness this MGCDF a new chapter of MINORITY SOUND and dive into their narcotic tunes!


Established in 2001, though their debut full-length came out in 2006, given frequent changes in band line-up, which was however finally stabilized in 2014 to the strongest incarnation yet, whereupon SOMETHING LIKE could at last start building their momentum. And that they did, as in late 2016, the band released, to much acclaim, their second full-length “MMXVI”, followed by a music video to the song “Vy víte kdo jste”, and by a lengthy string of shows both at home and abroad, including such festival appearances as Rock For People or Death Coffee Party, as well as support shows with War Of Ages, xViciousx, Jeruji or Death Remains. In their music, SOMETHING LIKE combine the early metalcore with its more current iterations, and it is also noteworthy that their lyrics are exclusively in Czech. Now they are about to lay waste to MGCDF and you should not miss out!


Melodic metalcore outfit from East Moravia, active since 2014, thus celebrating their fifth anniversary this year. In 2016, the released their debut album “Suffering in Absurdity”, which is to be followed by a new EP, along with two new music videos, this spring. SECRETS OF SEPARATION are well known on the Czech and Slovak club scene, wherein they for example supported the Ukrainian squad Jinjer, but made also several festival appearances, such as on SkullFest, Rockové Chrlení or Waiting for the Winter. This year, beside them coming to MGCDF, the band is also setting up a Czech tour in spring to promote precisely their upcoming creation. So, get ready for a dynamic show full of crazy riffs, rapid headbanging and a lot of breakdowns!

Enjoy and more next time!