Once more onto the breach, dear friends, as the next batch of bands confirmed for the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast is here! This time, we are staying on the local scene, moving a bit more towards the extreme of the spectrum.

So, get ready for:


They were and will be here – TORTHARRY, the pillar of our festival. There is no imagining our/your Czech metal feast without these death metal veterans, if only for the fact that part of the festival production rests on their shoulders. MGCDF would simply not be complete without such classics as “100% Follower”, “Tenosei no Tenshi”, or most recently “Without A Break”. Indeed, “recent” still very much applies here, as their latest full-length “Sinister Species” has just reached its first anniversary. TORTHARRY devoted the better part of last year to its promotion, performing both at home and in Germany, Austria or Spain, and shall continue to do so this year, with gigs already scheduled for Poland, Netherlands and Spain again. There is however no need to ask how many of you shall attend their show on MGCDF 2019, is there?

NAHUM (cz)

Death-thrash metal warmachine from Ostrava that is quickly gaining ground both locally and abroad. Established in 2004, this outfit released late last year its third full-length “Within Destruction”, which, true to its name, began immediately devastating all far and wide. The album is met with critical acclaim both in domestic and foreign media. For example, in the poll of the Spark magazine for the best album of 2018, “Within Destruction” ended in the fantastic second place in the death metal category. Simply put, NAHUM are on the warpath and their ambitions are high. To promote their most extreme album to date, which also concludes a story that began with their debut “The Gates Are Open”, the band embarked last month on a massive eponymous tour across Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, which also serves to celebrate NAHUM’s 15th anniversary. We are delighted that we on MGCDF 2019 as well, will once again experience the speed and brutality of their music, filled with solos in the vein of Chuck Schuldiner.


The pioneers of hybrid metal are coming back to the scene of the crime! It was 2017, when we last hosted AWRIZIS and given the success of their appearance, here you go again. Get ready then to relive the ass-kicking combo of death, black, groove metal, core and who knows what else. Last year, this outfit, which is too modern and melodic to fall under death metal and too death metal-ish to fall under black metal, released its latest, polished to perfection, full-length “Dreadful Reflection”. This year then is all about touring. So join in to witness the hybridization of MGCDF 2019 by Frodys and his minions!


Established in 1998 in Liberec, this outfit was originally at home in pure thrash metal. Afterwards came a grindcore phase (btw. during which we welcomed them on the very first MetalGate OpenAir), followed by yet another stylistic shift into current thrash-death sound. In 2011, PIKODEATH became an international act, as the frontrunner position in the line-up was taken over by the German vocalist Loppi. This year, the band began its third decade on the scene, so do not miss your chance on MGCDF 2019 to wish them a great 20th anniversary, as well as because it was 2010 when we last hosted PIKODEATH.

Enjoy and more next time!