Dear friends, before you once again run away for the weekend, we would like to direct your attention to another expansion of the roster of the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. This time, we are again moving outside the purely extreme waters, visiting other shades of the genre.

So, get ready for:


The Gentlemen’s Club of A FOREST OF STARS are a collection of 19th century vaudeville, classical and burlesque musicians, inspired by the teachings of their ages’ greatest writers, composers, artists and mediums. Their intention is to appoint a fusion of black metal, romanticism, the occult, psychedelia, folk and the improprieties of madness into one unsightly whole, much against the wishes of both Her Majesty’s Government and indeed fashionable society at large. They describe their music as a failed attempt to reach out to the celestial glory of the unconquerable cosmos through the deepest, cloying, incense-choked, dimly lit attic of their spiritually corrupt minds; a messy, highly flawed journey awash with violins, flutes, Middle Eastern percussion, doggerel verse, opium, karimbas, claret, base chants and grossly un-profound meanderings all wrapped into a filthy, threadbare blanket of black metal. On MGCDF 2019, A FOREST OF STARS hereby invite you to an ethanol soaked and laudanum fuelled traverse through the highways and byways of a shadow world populated by venomous villains and corrupt clergy, whirling endlessly through the infinite, cold void of space. Sometimes there’s even music involved.


A name that in metal waters became synonymous for uniqueness. Their fusion of doom metal with Moravian folklore, aptly termed as ethno-doom, is truly singular, and brought success far and wide from the beginning (the band for example is a two-time winner of the awards of the Czech Academy of Popular Music). With their most recent release “Smutnice” (2018), it is only evident that SSOGE seek to further perfect their approach, always seeking new ways to even better synthesize the eldest layers of local folk songs with hard music. Come and experience yourself the perhaps surprising connections between the inherent sadness of Moravian ballads and classic doom metal on MGCDF 2019.


An outfit of long standing from the South Bohemian metal scene, comprised of veterans, who were at one point or another involved in such notable Czech acts as Master’s Hammer, Maniac Butcher, Motorband, Avenger or After Rain. Style-wise, DARK ANGELS are rather difficult to categorize, as their music, which they describe as dark metal, contain influences of doom, stoner or black metal. This year, the band celebrates its 15th anniversary, preparing for the occasion a special treat for their fans, which they will bring also to MGCDF 2019.


A Czech outfit that brings to the table a well-balanced mix between technical precision, energy and spontaneity. Established in 2006, the band released four full-lengths so far, and played over 300 shows in Czech Republic and neighboring states. Initially, NEUROTIC MACHINERY profiled themselves as a death/thrash outfit, though with the EP “Exi(s)t”, they moved into more experimental ground, wherein they stayed since. The post-metal influence in their music is most apparent on the latest release “Cognitive Dissonance” (2017). The most recent development saw the band line-up expanded with the second lead guitarist, which promises further depth to their sound. The show of NEUROTIC MACHINERY can thus be recommended both to those who enjoy instrumental finesse, as well as to those who like a solid headbanging. Do not miss!


Did you know that the black metal outfit NOCTURNAL PESTILENCE began way back when as a rock band? It was in 2010 that they realized that aggressive metal riffs are the ideal way to express their emotions. Thus began their current iteration, which can be best described as symphonic/epic black metal. NOCTURNAL PESTILENCE are however primarily about emotions, life-derived experiences, subliminal visions and feelings, and it is exactly in this vein that their latest release “Fire & Shade” (2018) is cast. This album is an honest and authentic testimony about the turbulent times the musicians went through, and this honesty is why it is acclaimed by fans regardless of their stylistic inclinations. So, join in and enjoy their show at MGCDF 2019.

Enjoy and more next time!