Dear friends, another quintet from the roster of the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast is here. This time it is all about the Czech metal scene, and genre-wise, we are moving along the lines of death-thrash-core.

So, get ready for:

COLP (cz)

Southern Bohemia is known not only for its exceptional concentration of lakes, but also of equal concentration of great bands, blasting the local scene for a long time now. Take COLP for example. These DJENTlemen formed in 1991, initially as a thrash-death metal outfit called Colporrhaphia. Their first full-length moves the band into progressive thrash with some HC spice. Core influence soon after became even more prominent, whereupon COLP describe themselves now as djent-core-metal. In 2017 came their so far latest release entitled “Phase #12”, and as we heard, their performance on MGCDF 2019 is to cover primarily this new material, so if you have not yet had the chance to see COLP in their current iteration (or any for that matter), mark your calendar and drop by to remedy that.

D.M.C. (cz)

D.M.C. stands for Death Mosh Core, an outfit established already in 1989, moving forward since then with the force of a Tiger tank. And you will either like what they are doing, or you can look elsewhere. In fact, when you play true death metal, such attitude is only fitting. And when you combine the stylistic affiliation, the uncompromising attitude and lyrics very much inspired by WWII, you will get a pretty clear idea whom you are dealing with. Finally, it is apt to note that this armored column is preparing a new album, so when they assault MGCDF in June, it may be with a new ammunition.


If you are a regular on MGCDF, then you are surely aware that solid thrash metal has its place on our roster. Representing it on the 2019 edition is the Czech combo EXORCIZPHOBIA, whom we welcome back after four years. These guys have all the parts of the thrash metal alphabet deep under their skin, which they have been proving to fans far and wide for more than ten years, supporting such iconic acts as Voivod, Gama Bomb or Napalm Death. Check out their latest excellent studio piece “About Us Without Us” and infuse your veins with the new wave of thrash, so that you do not lag behind in the pit.

V.A.R. (cz)

And since we opened the thrash metal box, let us ad another notch – the local icon from Liberec V.A.R., which stands for “Vratislavice Alcoholic Roar” (which refers to Vratislavice nad Nisou, a district of Liberec, and its brewery). Established in 1989, this outfit released six excellent full-lengths and played all over Czech Republic. In recent years, V.A.R. began releasing re-mastered versions of their original albums, with the third full-length “Pod vodou” being the latest (re-released February 2018). Their show on MGCDF 2019 is thus for all hardline thrashers, so suit up, grab a beer, and in accordance with the band philosophy “thrash and drink till death!” make hell in front of the stage!


Sharp kick-ass deathcore from Northern Bohemia that began hitting stages since 2012 with their first EP “Stav Brutal”. This piece features the acclaimed song “Innocent Victims” that saw several radio broadcasts and was made into a music video. The second creation “Wastelands” came in 2015. Two years later, MADAFAKA unleashed a new single “Suffering”, which only proves this outfit getting better and better, fine-tuning their expression and adding on brutality. You can thus bet that this young blood shall kick you into places where sun does not shine.

Enjoy and more next time!