Dear friends, after a short break we are diving back to the roster of the upcoming 11th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. Today we are rolling out five names that will surely please all the extreme metal maniacs! So, get ready for:


Dutch thrash/death metal outfit established by the guitarist Ramon Ploeg after he left the brutal death act HOUWITSER. Ramon found the previous subgenre category a bit constrictive, whereby when he began composing first demos for BLEEDING GODS, he kept the death metal base, but also ventured into thrash and heavy metal, and even to classical music. His enthusiasm and talent for delicate combination of various styles soon attracted not only new band members, but also the interest of labels, including Nuclear Blast that released this January their second full-length “Dodekathlon” to a worldwide acclaim. In their company, you shall travel into a world of long-gone civilizations and ancient cultures, the pagan gods of which demand a sacrifice in blood in their honor. BLEEDING GODS are gearing up to enact one such ritual on MGCDF, so be ready for anything!


The United Arab Emirates are not a country commonly associated with metal subculture. Or at least such seem to be the current perception, as evident for example from the Metal Archives database that lists only 26 metal bands from UAE, with only 13 of those being officially active. However, quantity is one thing, quality another. And NERVECELL are a testament of location being no handicap for a birth of an excellent metal squad. It is the question of talent and a lot of hard work, which is precisely the case here, since the guys invested a lot of time and energy into their band, which soon paid off both in terms of critical acclaim and live shows, as the band supported Metallica, Anthrax, Morbid Angel or Suffocation. In fact, their track record of live appearances is truly impressive, with gigs and tours in Europe, Australia, India, Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, UAE of course, and most recently Brazil. Now these heralds of the modern wave of Middle Eastern metal are heading to our little corner to present their unique mix of death and thrash metal. Be sure not to miss their energetic show!


A legend of Czech technical/prog death metal. GODLESS TRUTH were ravaging the scene especially in the 90s and in the first decade of the new millennium. After the EP “Too Late To Stop My Hate” (2010) the band withdrew for a long time. However, in early 2017, the band announced, much to the excitement of their fans, the pre-production of a new full-length. The recording session started this year, and if the rumors are true, it shall be unleashed this Autumn. During the summer, GODLESS TRUTH also appeared on many festivals (such as Brutal Assault), once again bombarding the audience with their progressive death with melodic parts. As wrote in the reviews: “Excellent technical mastery, the ability to write a good song, enthusiasm and energy. All this makes this act memorable not only around here. The band rolled out their almost already “traditional progressive death metal” with and absolute dedication. Yes, I was satisfied and excited, and felt like a bloodied surfer on the waves of sharp melodies. Excellent! (Jakub Asphyx for Deadly Storm) Well, there is no doubt that excellent shall also be their appearance on MGCDF!


Around here it would be hard to someone who has not at least heard about these veterans. Established in 1993, this outfit is inextricably linked with the Czech extreme metal scene and is among the best and most brutal that Czech metal has to offer. The band is celebrating 25th anniversary this year, and for the occasion are preparing a new full-length entitled “Doomed”. The sequel to the latest EP “Dethroned In Shadows” (2017) is currently taking shape in The Barn Studio (check out studioreports on the band’s Facebook page), and is set for release on December 15, when it is to be unveiled on the winter edition of Nice To Eat You festival. More shows to introduce the album to all the maniacs far and wide are to follow, including MGCDF 2019!


Butchers from the Western Bohemia, who this year loudly resurfaced with a brand new full-length “Code: Violence”, which is, simply put, a bone-breaking and utterly eviscerating massacre. This is nothing new, for already with the debut “Torture Is Medicine” you can easily arrive to the conclusion that there is no more brutal way to play death metal. With every subsequent full-length you will however realize that CUTTERRED FLESH are getting more brutal and more technical. This holds on the latest piece as well, though the band states that more melodic passages can be found there as well. If it was this new component that opened doors to them for a successful tour in Russia, we do not know. What we do know is that CUTTERRED FLESH are already planning a new studio offering, as well as that their appearance on MGCDF shall be properly devastating!

Enjoy and more next time!