Dear friends, at the onset of the holidays, we would like to point your attention to the upcoming summer and autumn shows of our bands.

First, after a year since the Busking Ritual Tour, the Lovecraftian post-rock project Postcards From Arkham is again poised to pick-up the accoustic guitars and djembe to once again present the songs from "Oceanize", "ÆØN5" and "Manta" in their accoustic incarnations. If you already experienced POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM in this fashion and would like a repeat, or have not yet had the pleasure, you can catch up with them July 27 in Kutná Hora, July 28 in České Budějovice and September 22 in Jihlava.

FB event Kutná Hora | FB event České Budějovice

Second, in November comes another weekend triptych, i.e. three bands touring over three weekends. This time, we shall play the black note, as the Blackened Trinity Tour assembles the melodic black metal act Desire for Sorrow, the blackened death horde Secret Of Darkness and the black/death blasphemers Mallephyr. Between November 2 and 17, this unholy trinity shall descend upon České Budějovice, Brno, Plzeň, Most, Prague and Pardubice.

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