Dear friends, the Spring has begun, which music-wise means that bands tend to embark on tours en masse. Our bands are no exception, whereby we would like to point you to the following three enterprises.

In two days time, one of the latest reinforcements of our ranks, the post-black/shoegaze act DÆRRWIN, shall hit the road to present their debut "Uv'Derekh" throughout Europe, appearing in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and Netherlands.

Tour roster:

30.03. | Brno | more info

31.03. | Košice

01.04. | Budapest | more info

02.04. | České Budějovice | more info

03.04. | Berlin | more info

06.04. | Amsterdam | more info

07.04. | Beverwijk | more info





Following them at the beginning of April is the industrial black metal tandem Gorgonea Prima, which will showcase their latest album "Brownfields" in France, in the excellent company of the French electro black metal horde Pavillon Rouge. And to make matters even more interesting, in early June, this combo shall be unleashed upon the Czech scene.

Tour roster: 

04.04. | Annecy | more info

05.04. | Lyon | more info

06.04. | Toulouse | more info

07.04. | Nice | more info

14.06. | Prague | more info

16.06. | Brno | more info

17.06. | České Budějovice | more info






And in the meantime, in May that is, the wings of the primordial Manta shall once again be spread over the Central Europe, as the Czech, Slovak and Polish venues shall witness the return of the Lovecraftian post-rock project Postcards From Arkham, this time in the company of the post-metallers Neurotic Machinery, who will present their latest album "Cognitive Dissonance".

Tour roster:

12.05. | Prague | more info

13.05. | České Budějovice | more info

14.05. | Brno | more info

15.05. | Bratislava | more info

16.05. | Ružomberok | more info

17.05. | Bielsko-Biala | more info

18.05. | Wroclaw | more info







If you get the chance, drop by any of these shows. It is well worth it!