The recent Winter Is Coming Tour of our bands Arch Of HellAwrizis a Secret of Darkness had an added noteworthy endeavor – a series of charitable raffles aimed to help the family of Adam Vyčítal. Now, we would like to tell you more about this cause.

The story of young Adam is a sad reminder that a normal life can evaporate in a matter of moments. In short: In May this year, the eight-years-old Adam Vyčítal underwent what was supposed to be a routine surgery of nasal and throat tonsils. However, unforeseen complications resulted in Adam now being in a state, wherein he is entirely dependent on the help of others.

We are unable to convey here the full magnitude of this means not only for Adam, but also for his family that is not giving up the fight and hopes in a gradual improvement of his condition. Let us just note that since that fateful event, the family had to drastically change their habits – with the centerpiece being the reconstruction of their apartment so that Adam can receive the constant care he needs. Needless to say that all this requires no small financial means, as well as facing unexpected obstacles. Personal life, free time, hobbies…all had to be put aside by the Vyčítal family. And we could go on like that.

Through various circumstances, we from MetalGate became part of this story this November, and thanks to the aforementioned bands and more importantly to all fans, the raffles on shows in Brno, Třinec, Šumperk, Kolín and Jaroměř generated almost 10 000 CZK. We then rounded it to meet this amount and on Friday, December 15, delivered this donation to Adam’s dad, Jan Vyčítal.

We would like to convey his sincere thanks to all who partook in this enterprise. It did not matter, if it were raffle related or a voluntary donation, for every Crown counts here, and we are happy that we could facilitate this. So, big thanks for you also from us!

Furthermore, we must say that this endeavor would never happen, were it not for a show with the bands JOVANERA and KONFRONT, for it was these HC warriors that started raffles for this cause on their own tour, thus inspiring us to join in. Hails to you guys!

Finally, we would like to wish to Vyčítal family plenty of energy and of kind people around them. To Adam, who is still in the hospital, but this week finally returns home after eight months, we wish all the luck and a miracle for his recovery.

MetalGate & Arch Of Hell & Awrizis & Secret Of Darkness & all the donors