Dear friends, the summer is past and so your favorite Czech metal feast has awoken once again. Next year, in the usual time of the third weekend in June and on the usual crimescene of camp Brodský in Červený Kostelec, awaits the 10th anniversary installment!

And since MGCDF is back, you surely wonder who will be on the roster for its 10th anniversary installment. Today we thus have a treat for you, as we can tell you the name of the first headliner of MGCDF 2018, that being the Canadian act Cryptopsy!

This iconic warmachine of extreme technical death metal started its history in 1992 in Montreal, Canada. Since then, the band played myriad of live shows on four continents, alongside such worldwide renowned acts as Cannibal Corpse, Dimmu Borgir, Suffocation, Six Feet Under or Nile. The opening entry into their discography came in 1993 with the EP “Ungentle Exhumation”, which was followed year later by the debut “Blasphemy Made Flesh”. Six more studio albums followed thereafter, with the thus far latest one, entitled simply “Cryptopsy”, released in 2012. Besides that, the band discography also contains one live album (“None So Live”, 2003) and one best of compilation (“The Best of Us Bleed”, 2012). The current CRYPTOPSY project is “The Book of Suffering”, a series of EPs that started in 2015 with the piece “Tome 1”. In their genre, CRYPTOPSY are considered as one of the most powerful live-performers, which means that their brutal show on MGCDF 2018 is simply a must see!

Next, we would like to inform you that the presale for vol.10 has been launched!

Tickets for 26 Euro (700 CZK) are now available on MetalGate e-shop, wherein you can choose between print ticket and e-ticket, as well as in Tortharry shop. On both you can get quantity discounts and other bonuses!

Complete info about admission fees available here.

And finally a bit of reminiscence. Before we delve into the current installment, let us, as usual, revisit the previous, i.e. this year's, one.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!