It may not look that way, but Spring is here and beside nature, bands are waking up as well and heading out to the world. Thus, in April and May emerged a very interesting constellation of three enterprises that you should not miss, if you are in the region! Let's take a look chronologically:

April 21-29 | Nuclear Desert Tour 2017 | Czech Rep., Slovakia, Germany

Already tomorrow kicks off in Prague in Exit-Us club the Nuclear Desert Tour 2017, which brings the return of the Israeli horde Arallu (you saw them on MGCDF 2016), who are coming to turn Central Europe into nuclear desert, with the assistance of the Czech evil Naurrakar!


May 5-20 | Spring Storm Tour 2017 | Náchod, Prague, Pilsen, České Budějovice, Luhačovice, Žilina (sk)

Afterwards however, the environmental conditions will take a 180 turn with the arrival of a tempest in early May, that is, of the Spring Storm Tour, which brings together Tortharry, Six Degrees Of Separation and InnerSphere, who shall travel across the Czech lands and Slovakia, leaving nothing standing!



May 11 | Czech show of Mental Possession Tour 2017 | Prague

Finally, in conclusion we shall take a trip beyond the bounds of reality on Mental Possession Tour 2017 CZ, which heralds the return of the Suomi black metal psychedelia Oranssi Pazuzu to Czech Republic, this time accompanied by the U.S. progressive black metallers Cobalt, and supported by the Czech pionners of experimental metal Demimonde. A no brainer for all, who are into weird metal!

See you there!