Dear friends, to expand even more our list of shows for the Spring, we are adding the Nuclear Desert Tour 2017 of the Mesopotamian black-thrash metal horde ARALLU and the Czech black metal pack NAURRAKAR!

If you count yourself among ARALLU fans, either from before, or from their great performance on MGCDF 2016 onward, this surely is great news for you. And should you did not have the opportunity, Nuclear Desert Tour is the ideal way to get acquainted with this band. You will not regret it. You will have your chance in several places around Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and Germany.

These genies of the desert haunt the Israeli metal scene from already 1997, and since then supported on their home soil such global icons as Enslaved, Mayhem or Behemoth, toured Europe several times, and released five studio albums. The band is currently preparing the next addition to its discography, entitled “Six”, which will be released this June under the India-based label Transcending Obscurity. On its album, as well as on live shows, ARALLU enrich their black-thrash madness with traditional Middle Eastern instruments, which gives their music an extra dimension and charge.

NAURRAKAR has been spreading its apocalyptic visions, recently of nuclear character, in Czech underground since 2007. Seek no experiments here, but a straightforward, nihilistic darkness.

Gear up then for séances ruled on one hand by the unforgiving desert with its ancient mysteries, and by the all-encompassing nuclear winter on the other.

These you can visit on the following dates and in the following places:

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