In Fall MetalGate shall return to Brno with its traditional autumn gig MetalGate Season Enclosure, which will take place on Friday, November 6, 2015, in Melodka!

And there is plenty to look forward to, for the line-up we prepared is worthy indeed. At its forefront stand the German epic melodic death metal warriors NOTHGARD, bringing with them their current album “Age of Pandora”. Coincidentally, it has also been four years since our show last hosted NOTHGARD, so if you are a veteran of our gigs, you can compare how this warband evolved in the time passed.

On top of that, we add a trinity of our stable bands.

Be ready then to enjoy the folkcore tribe CRUADALACH, whose traditionally unforgettable and energetic show will cover the latest album “Rebel Against Me”, also the symphonic metal veterans RETURN TO INNOCENCE, who currently begin preparations of the successor to their “The Ring of Moon” piece, and last but not least the melodic blackened death metal in the Scandinavian vein brought to you by the pack SECRET OF DARKNESS, who are presenting their current creation entitled “Neotericus Universum”.

Needles to say that all fans of heavy riffs, melodic interludes and epic compositions will have a field day.

Thus, do not hesitate, join us and let’s make hell in the last leg of autumn!

The kick-off is at 19:30; doors at 19:00. Entrance fee is 200 CZK on site; 150 CZK in presale on MetalGate e-shop and in the Indies store in Brno.

See you there!

Press release available here.

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