Dear friends, welcome to the third announcement of the info service regarding the 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast, in which we shall "wash down" yesterday's subject matter with something surely more pleasant. For today, we are delving into with what out of the portfolio of the partner brewery Pivovar PRIMÁTOR your thirst can be quenched on MGCDF 2021!

And we begin with a brand-new beer that will premiere on our very festival, i.e., the top fermented, juicy, refreshing and very drinkable American Pale Ale, which further excels with distinct citrus aroma, pleasant bitterness, and combination of a rich palette of hops varieties.

On tap you can further enjoy the Primátor classic Antonín (draught beer), light and dark lager, wheat Weizenbier (awarded the best beer worldwide title by World Beer Awards in London), Primátor non-alcoholic beer, and of course the popular raspberry lemonade.

So, cheers!