Dear friends, this week as well, we are yet again covering the roster of the upcoming 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. Alas, we must begin with a change in the festival line-up.

Due to colliding obligations with other bands, the Dutch butchers DISAVOWED were forced to cancel their appearance on MGCDF 2020 (you can read a statement from the band here). We are sorry for this development, though we hope that we will be able to welcome them next time.

On the bright side, our roster is now joined by yet five more bands, both Czech and from aroad, all of which will no doubt grind you to dust. So, get ready for:


There is really no need to dissect the name CLITGORE to any significant degree to understand what gives. This Romanian outfit, formed in 2007 by Ela “NecroClit”, is all about solid grindcore, filled with pornographic motifs of a dashing nature. Their romantic music breaks hearts, smashes bones and rips out all innards, thanks to which CLITGORE rightfully conquered stages all over the world. For example, they were the first goregrind band to play in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, as part of the Nepal Death Fest. Another interesting fact is that their guitarist Calin Paraschiv was a member of the iconic Pestilence between 2017 and 2019. Back to CLITGORE though. Their touring brought them side by side with Obituary, Dying Fetus or Napalm Death, and they should not be an unknown to the Czech audience, as they previously visited Obscene Extreme, Fekal Party or Nice to Eat You Death Fest. MGCDF is next on the list, and since the band is currently working on a new album, we may get a fresh dose of intimate filth. Get ready for a proper massacre!


The Polish outfit PLANET HELL returns to MGCDF after two years. Since their last visit, these gentlemen released their second full-length entitled “Mission Two” (2019), which keeps their lyrical and musical focus they have been following from day one. That means the lyrics delve into the works of the famed Polish sci-fi novelist, futurist and philosopher Stanisław Lem, the soundtrack is then best described as progressive death metal, since PLANET HELL draw not only on the classic death metal, but get inspiration also in thrash, black or industrial waters. If you thus fancy a somewhat unusual death metal, this outfit is highly recommended.


The Czech maniacs named DEFLORACE belong to the veterans of the Czech death metal/grindcore scene. These guys do not have it easy, as they are no strangers to personnel changes, two of which sent the band to a prolonged hiatus. No doubt the biggest blow came last year with the sudden death of their founder and vocalist Petr “Bubla” Vrbica. The band however ultimately decided not to quit, not only because of the honest work which they have been at since 1992, but more importantly because Petr would wish it so. DEFLORACE was thus joined by Marek “Gorgo” Frelich and began gearing up for the 2020 concert season, and if you check them out, you will see that they will appear alongside Six Feet Under or Rotting Christ. Way to go! Beside all that, we will also get to hear their poetic songs about serial killers on MGCDF 2020, so do not miss it!


The Slovakian outfit STERCORE has recently been getting praise left and right, mainly because of the latest full-length of this death metal/deathcore squad. The “Indifference” album was released late last year and received the highest marks all over the place, with critics going as far as declaring it the best Slovakian release of 2019. The proverbial icing on the cake was the guest involvement of CJ McMahon from Thy Art Is Murder. STERCORE simply went into overdrive and now they are highly sought after. If you want to know why, do not miss them on our/your feast!


The death metal act DYSANGELIUM was formed in 2011, with founding members being Vihar and Ctibor, who were later joined by Nekro, Oťák and Dědek. This line-up stayed unchanged for almost six years, recorded such albums as “Maniachrist” (2012) and “Holykaust” (2014), played over 100 shows in Czech and foreign clubs, as well as went on several mini tours. The first changes came in 2016, and though they were not the last, the band is still very much alive, releasing their third full-length “Mohamord” in 2019. Over the years, DYSANGELIUM appeared alongside Krabathor, Grave or Malevolent Creation, as well as performed on Brutal Assault or Gothoom Open Air. In 2014, we had the pleasure of welcoming them to MGCDF, and now, after six years, they are returning. So, if your heart beats for solid death metal, this is the band to go to.

Let us add in conclusion that with this batch, we are now at 49 bands in total!