Dear friends, another update of the roster of the upcoming 12th installemnt of our/your Czech metal feast is here! Today, we have for you four new names, and music-wise, it is primarily about brutal onslaught of Czech making. So, get ready for:


PROLAPSED were formed on one dreary and wasted December day in 2014, as these gentlemen opted for forming a band, rather than wasting their livers away boozing in local joints, as such a move has allowed them to relatively harmlessly vent their tendencies for perverse sadism and overt masturbation vis-á-vis the romantic tones of brutal death metal fused with grindcore. And as their souls are too filled with vile that we will rather not talk about here, their debut full-length “Sexual Assaults” appeared in 2018, followed only a year later by its successor “The Condemned”. On MGCDF 2020 we will thus find out, if such a metal therapy is the proper method for their rotten souls.


The brutal death metal act CRANIAL CARNAGE was formed in 2014, and is a follow up to the band Grave In Mind, which in its time could be seen, due to various personnel complications, in a rather unusual line-up of guitar – vocals – drums, or two guitars – vocals – bass – drum machine. After forming a new line-up, these gentlemen renamed their outfit to the current designation, and began working and rehearsing new material. In October 2017, they released their debut full-length “Abhorrence”, which is filled to the brink with brutal death laced with grindcore. The following years have been filled with live shows, as well as with composing songs for the next album. If you then consider yourself among the true death metal fans, this outfit is not for you to miss.  


INPAIN were formed in 2008 as a three-members outfit and got to composing songs for their first shows right away. The first demos appeared between 2009 and 2011. Shortly thereafter, their line-up was joined by a solo vocalist, which led to their debut full-length “Memories of a Life” being released in 2013. INPAIN are currently finishing their second album, as well as are appearing on various shows, wherein they are serving, as so stated by one reviewer, “a brutally romantic metal”. This band returns to MGCDF after 10 years and six days.


A pathological goregrind outfit that is the direct reincarnation of band Histos, which means two things: first, they stick to the repertoire of their earlier iteration, whereby you can look forward to songs from the album “Příčina smrti: Neznámá!” that was released last year by Maximed Records. Second, you can expect all sorts of pathology during their show, as it cannot be otherwise. Devastation guaranteed.