Dear friends, we are back with yet another update of the roster of the upcoming 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast. Today's batch is music-wise diverse indeed, including both iconic names of the genre, as well as the young blood. So, get ready for:


SKELETAL REMAINS formed in 2011 under the name Anthropophagy. Soon however they changed to their current name, releasing in short order a demo and the debut full-length. With both pieces receiving acclaim in the underground community, the way was opened to numerous shows not only in the States, but also in Europe or Japan. On their latest offering “Devouring Mortality” (2018) these gentlemen masterfully fused the old school death metal from the late 80s and early 90s, with modern and more technical elements, thus creating their most diverse, as well as most devastating album to date. SKELETAL REMAINS can often be seen on European stages, be it on Hellfest, Brutal Assault or Obscene Extreme to name a few examples, so are well know even around here. And we are looking forward to welcoming them on MGCDF! This will be a real treat for all death metal maniacs.


Jiří “BigBoss” Valter returns to MGCDF! This Grand Magus, the Czech first and foremost infernal extraordinaire and the vocalist of the iconic Root surely needs no introduction, as his name resonates far and wide, all the more because in late last year the Maestro came with the last full-length of his solo project BIGBOSS BAND. Entitled “Než zemřu”, this piece is one big reminiscence on the life of this notable artist and persona of the Czech scene. With it, BIGBOSS BAND is also concluding its active years, with only few select shows to be had, wherein the epilogue of this outfit shall be written. Of course, the gloomy recital of the Grand Magus will not miss out MGCDF and you should not miss him! And do not be surprised, if it brings a tear into your eye.


Veterans of the Czech thrash metal. KRYPTOR formed in 1987, reaching their heights in the wild 90s, when metal in Czech Republic was doing better than ever before or after. To the local fans, this band is well remembered not only for their spectacular live shows, but also for their studio recordings. Be it their first demos, the excellent debut “Septical Anaesthesia” (1991), or their first album in English “Greedpeace”, there is no denying that all these are still revered by the KRYPTOR fan army. And although since 1994, when their last full-length “United & Live” was released, followed (albums-wise) only a live piece “Na východní frontě boj” (1997) and “Best of Fuck Off!!!” compilation that was released in 2012 by MetalGate Records and is hopelessly sold out, the band is still active live, regularly welcomed with open arms by fans on both club and festival stages in Czech Republic and Slovakia, as is proper for such a reverend old school sadistic thrash metal act. And we are sure that their coming to MGCDF will be no different!


The origins of SOUL DECODER lie in 2013, when Kuba and Přéma met on a show in Prague and agreed that it would be nice to form a melodic death band. And since that point, it has been a pretty smooth ride. Songs were made, line-up consolidated, first shows played, and first album released – a six songs EP entitled “Turn Off the Sun”. After the 2016 single “Rotten Roses”, the band left its melodic death and metalcore direction behind, drawing instead on all the existing modern metal styles and beyond. Thus, when in 2018 another six songs EP entitled “Haal-Å-Khul” appeared, after a year long rehearsal in 2017, SOUL DECODER were miles away from their initial sound. So, when MGCDF 2020 is swallowed by technical, atmospheric and progressive melodic death metal / metalcore with clear influence of deathcore, prog rock and even black metal, you can be damn sure that it is SOUL DECODER playing with their unique metal fusion. And lest we forget, rumor has it that the guys are working on new material, so we are curious as to if we will here something new from their “extreme atmospheric quazi-stoner proggy semi-technical melodeath blackenedcore with Skyrim influences and Trap Aesthetics”.


The Prague-based outfit FROM VOID TO ABYSS was formed in winter of 2015, releasing their debut single “Uprising” six months later. Their debut full-length “Even the Good Are Damned” came in 22017, showcasing a band bordering metalcore, hardcore and deathcore. The band is very much active live, appearing alongside for example Emmure, Oceans Ate Alaska, Modern Day Babylon and many others. And since their track record also includes shows abroad, we can dare to estimate that these guys are on the right track, with more steps to be surely made on MGCDF. Be there to support them. Youth forward!