Dear friends, you already know all the headliners, but even then the roster of the upcoming 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast is not yet done, whereby today, we are adding five more names, again from the alternative metal spectrum, where we will thus stay a while longer. So, get ready for:


The lands of Northern Europe are a true bastion of metal music, with Iceland being no exceptions, as apparent for example from the black-death metal act ZHRINE. These gentlemen are following up on their previous band Gone Postal, though with much darker tone of their expression. Their music radiates the cold of Icelandic winters, so much so that their debut full-length “Unortheta” cuts freezingly straight to the bones and in the mind of the listener appears an image of the bleak Icelandic landscape covered with volcanic ash. On this year’s MGCDF get ready for a captivating sound of dark experimental black-death, of northern winter and despair, during which, we dare to say, the temperature will begin to fall rapidly!

DROM (cz)

If you are into Czech avant-garde metal, then DROM is probably a name you are already familiar with. Hailing from Liberec, this act stands between post-metal, sludge and dark hardcore, was established in 2010 and made its first mark a year later with the debut entitled “I”, followed shortly first by a split album with Naiada and second by their next full-length “Hectop”. DROM did not end there. Next came their third full-length “Tady bůh není!” (that deals with a sensitive subject of the WWII Nazi concentration camp on Czech soil in Lety), as well as another split “Fullmoon Alchemy Narcotic Session” with Blues for the Redsun that deals with another sensitive subject of substance abuse (released on vinyl by MetalGate Records). However, that is still not all as far as their discography is concerned. DROM display similar zest when it comes to live shows, so it is then no surprise that they toured Europe several times already. Current news has DROM working on yet another split (take a guess with whom), so on MGCDF 2020 we might hear something new in addition to their classic repertoire.


After two years, the Czech post-rock visionaries are returning to MGCDF, this time to present not only the old-time classics, but more importantly the songs from their brand new full-length “Oakvyl”. This so far most mature piece of theirs marks a definitive rebirth from a project to a full-fledged band. So, if few years back some could point to a difference between the studio and live versions of their compositions, then since “Oakvyl” this is no longer the case. That said, all the signature traits of POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM remain, whereby those enjoying colorful post-rock opuses, as well as those sworn to the weird universe of H.P. Lovecarft, will not be disappointed. No wonder then that “Oakvyl” is gaining acclaim far and wide. If you have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing this new chapter of PFA, MGCDF 2020 thus brings you the ideal opportunity. Do not miss it.   


If you guessed that it is with TENGRI that Drom are working on a new split album, then you are correct. There are friendly ties between both acts, with the former guitarist of Drom, Rodrigo, now being part of TENGRI. It is not much of a surprise then that this Prague-based outfit is also traversing the post-music territories. Their creations are purely instrumental, with the incorporation of violin, which gives their sound a distinct dimension. This is however no simple pose, as what matters for this band is the joy of creation and the spiritual enrichment that music brings. Every step TENGRI take thus comes naturally from within the musicians themselves. Their discography features two full-lengths, with the most recent being “Ekliptika” from 2017 that revolves around the transitory nature of life, which is different for every individual, yet as such same for everyone. There is however more to be discerned in the music of TENGRI, so tune in to their atmospheric vibes on MGCDF. You will not be disappointed.  


The origins of NUUMMITE, another of the bands on the roster of MGCDF 2020 that are rather difficult to categorize, lie in an undetermined year, but in a determined band of the Prague-based black-death metal outfit Errantes, for it is there that the cooperation of this noteworthy trio began. Though these gentlemen decided to create a purely instrumental music that borders post-rock and shoegaze, there is no denying their metal roots, and it shows in their sound. NUUMMITE are gradually composing their material and are appearing on their first shows. They are currently also working on their debut full-length, though as they admit, they are not rushing things, so we cannot tell if said debut will be out by the time of MGCDF. What we do know however is that those who are not afraid of the fusion of black metal, indie and post-rock should check NUUMMITE out for sure.