Dear friends, time to dive back into the roster of the upcoming 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast! This time, we have for you five names of extreme metal nature, mostly from abroad, but also local, some of which we already had the pleasure of welcoming on MGCDF, though none of those should escape your attention nonetheless.

So, get ready for:

CUT UP (sw)

The Swedish death metal outfit CUT UP is the combination of solid grinding death metal, modern approach and highly technical musicianship. One thing however stands, as far as the band is concerned, above all that – the emphasis on brutality. Under any and all circumstances! This vision guided the creation of the debut full-length “Forensic Nightmares” (2015), as well as its successor “Wherever They May Rot”, which appeared in 2017, immediately setting a new standard for auditory devastation. The sound of the album is truly monumental, though without losing even an inch of its aggression. The exceedingly well-matched vocal tandem of Andreas Björnson and Erik Rundqvist is the proverbial icing on the cake. Playing on events, such as Summer Breeze, as well as the fact that both their albums were released by the mighty Metal Blade Records only prove that CUT UP are a force to reckoned with, and one you should not miss on MGCDF 2020, if honest death metal and excellent musicianship is what you fancy.


Do you recall the triumphant premier of the Mexican warriors ARMADA on MGCDF 2017? Well, you should, since it was a blast. And given that three years is time enough for you to gear up for a rerun, the 2020 edition will see their equally triumphant return! This outfit indeed loves the Czech metalheads, as apparent from their numerous appearances on local festivals, and since you already had the pleasure once before, we are certain that this time, the pit will be even greater than three years before.


There is a saying to seek a woman behind everything, which seems to apply even to death metal bands, as proven by the German outfit SABIENDAS, which is the brainchild of the guitarist and vocalist Alexandra Rutkowski. And from the onset in 2006, her vision has been clear – to play solid old school death metal in the vein of the U.S. scene of the 90s. No redundancies, simply a straightforward direction both musically and lyrically, to be found manifested on two full-lengths “Restored to Life” (2013) and “Columns of Skulls” (2015). Where SABIENDAS particularly shine however are their live shows, which have incredible drive. The band proudly claims that they can move even the most rigid of audiences. And if you visited MGCDF 2013, you surely saw that for yourself. Next time, it is round two time and certainly yet another mighty moshpit is to be unleashed.


A brutal outfit hailing from the United Kingdom, from Wales to be exact, SODOMIZED CADAVER are considered one of the most active and visible bands of the “proud Albion”, which got them to big stages all over Europe. Around here, the band got the public attention especially thanks to the Slovakian label Immortal Souls Production, which released a compilation entitled “Verses of Vorarephilia”, containing their two mini CDs. A further dose of the sodomy is to be expected on MGCDF 2020, and all who fancy the good old death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse should join up.


Another comeback from 2017. The Czech goregrind squad GUTALAX surely needs no lengthy introduction. Their acclaim was high already three years ago, and since then, their reputation skyrocketed to even greater heights. Just look at the roster of various festivals abroad and you may be surprised how often you will find this fecal commando included. The reason is simple. It is an extraordinary act and during their live shows, the madness of the audience knows no bounds. And if you find this far-fetched, come and see just how many rolls of toilet paper will be flying through the air on MGCDF 2020 and what else GUTALAX will do with the crowd. Well worth it!