A quality recording of the instruments is the basis for the final product. The studio has two live rooms for getting the best sound quality of the recordings. The first room, with 30 m2 of space, is designed for the recording of drums, or of the acoustic playthrough of several musicians. The second isolation booth, with 8 m2 of space, has minimal reverb and thus is suitable for the recording of vocals of guitars.



The studio offers professional mixing services according to the latest trends or your own ideas about the sound. Mixing is an integral part of the recording of your CD and determines how the recording shall sound in the end.



Mastering is a process in which it is ensured that the recording sounds good in various listening devices and its sound volume is comparable to commercial recordings. It is also a process of preparing the final materials for pressing of the CD.



Our studio also offers consultations regarding the recording production, holding then years of experience in the areas of composition, arrangements and music theory. We can also advice as to the selection of instruments and backline and their setup for the best possible sound of your CD.